“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows and windows into doors.”

Lila Poonawalla Foundation

The vision of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by granting scholarships to talented girls in financial needs. This unique program also helps young girls to develop their personality and to get self-reliant by finding confidence. Mrs. Poonawalla’s target has always been to help promote education for women in India. Therefore she was looking for a way to provide girls a ladder to success, for achieving their dreams and to motivate and encourage them to face the challenges of life. She also recognized the need of financial assistance, without which many of the girl’s dreams get lost. This made her institute the foundation for higher education of girls.

Since the inception of the LPF in 1996, almost 4000 scholarships have been granted. If a girl shows the merit, financial support is granted to her with no conditions attached. The scholarship amount is depending on the financial needs of the girl. LPF awards scholarships in various subjects and disciplines of post-graduation, graduation, diploma courses as well as school education. The girls are carefully selected to ensure that their family also support their education. Parents are regularly involved in the activities of their daughters and there are also some joint programs for mothers and daughters with respect to health, hygiene and nutrition. 


  • To provide financial assistance to needy and meritorious girl students for school level education, graduation and post-graduation
  • To grow and reach out to many more female aspirants all over India, so that no girl who is deserving should be denied educational opportunity


  • To tie-up with various Universities, so as to act as their local partner for selection of deserving candidates
  • To support specialised courses in order to enhance the scholarship awardees’ employment potential
  • To provide the scholarship awardees opportunities to achieve overall grooming
  • To reach out to individuals and institutional donors willing to support the cause of women education


Lila Junior Project

The Lila Poonawalla Foundation’s School Project, 2morrow 2gether has been set up in partnership with the Biltema Foundation in 2011. Standard school girls from Pune are adopted by the LPF to receive scholarships. They are called The Lila Juniors and are supported financially to pay for their school fees, books, uniforms, etc. Other activities like extra classes, counselling sessions or health awareness programs are regularly organized for them too. All teachers at LPF receive special training for an outstanding teaching capacity. Today, around 380 Juniors have been granted scholarships. All girls receive support up to their graduation.

More Information

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